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The development of The Human Women Guide film

It's about shaping the vision of relationships

Based on the experiences of Christian & the experiences of others, he has come up with The Human Women Guide. Which will guide people with dating and relationships. And give them a deeper understanding of the male and female mind

About Christian

Christian Omar Ortiz was born in Bayamon Puerto Rico(March 1, 1993). Christian is a writer known for his E-book "The Human Women Guide". He's often referred to as the "WomenGuide". His contributions to helping people and giving advice have led him to be known as a good public figure. Christian began writing in elementary school and wrote a handwritten book called "The Way life should be". He graduated from Jane Addams Vocational High School in New York City & also studied Human Psychology. Christian in his past encountered many problems.Being abandoned by his own father at a young age and losing his sister. His sister is now deceased. His fascination with women and human relationships has led him to write his Ebook "The Human Women Guide", which released on November 8, 2012. Which guides both men and women with dating and relationships. And gives them a deeper understanding of the male and female mind

Christian .O. Ortiz Author,Website Developer,Musician,(Future Movie Director)

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image name Creator of The Human Women Guide. Christian .O. Ortiz has a vision to turn his book into a full film. Giving people a glimpse on what the book is truly about

Current Progress

Script stage. Characters are established. Story has been developed

Percent of progress

  • Idea Development
  • Cast Development
  • Marketing
  • Possibility of film release
  • Equipment Resources

Using any kind of solution

The film will be displayed online or in theatres. Depending on the route that the script goes

image name No one knows how the film will turn out. Or exactly how it will be shown yet. Anything can happen. But for now the idea is to display it online for thousands or even millions of people to see

- Movie Director
Can also be downloaded

image name Besides being streamed the movie will be made downloadable. Available in various formats (Based upon requests)

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Visions from others

Lunakardo Films

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Office Address:

New York City, USA

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Film Information


The Human Women Guide(????)

Drama | Romance  -   Estimated Release Date Unknown (USA)
(voting begins after release)

Different decisions from various people guides all of them into the horrible and good outcomes from the dating world


  Christian .O. Ortiz


   (screenplay),  (Book)